An Untitled Poem in Free Verse

Timeless change and faceless existence

Those are the throes of life.

Too much to do, too much to say

But so little time, so little action.

Depthless people and shallow feelings

They take away the meaning of existence

Yet they give a new meaning to you

Because they change you forever.

So many expectations, so many desires

Yet they all go to waste.

Broken trust and ravaged faith

Are all that are thriving.

Ignorance and insolence take root deep inside;

For isn’t that all what people around feel,

Because of which you are forced to change?



Did you see the burning embers?

Or their ashes after they died?

They were of beauty: beauty in rage and despair.

Rage gave power, a kind of invincibility;

The kind that makes you stand up for yourself,

Where you know you can do anything, if it’s for you.

The ashes were subdued rage:

They gave way to emptiness,

For aren’t ashes what remain after the fire burns out?

The embers burnt bright, brighter than light

But fires that burn so bright, dont last long.

It burnt up fast as breath leaves life,

And gave the ashes, light as wind;

So light that they could leave the world

And let it be known that the embers never existed.

Nothingness was all that remained,

And it was all that mattered.

Such is the transience of existence.


Warmth is…

The first time a mother holds her baby. Sunshine after being cooped up indoors. Friends saying “Everything will be okay”. Late night talks with mother. Father’s hugs. Sound of sister laughing. Hugging a pillow when lonely. Conversations with friends you meet after a long time. Remembering happy moments. Making someone happy. Coffee on a rainy day. First ray of sunshine after rain. Petting a dog.

Warmth is not just what you feel around you, but also what you feel within yourself during your happiest moments. Be happy 🙂