Those unseen winds and lightning? They have a name. Anxiety.


They choke you.

They weave around you

To the point where they become you.

Slowly they take over your conscious,

Raking, stinging, shredding it

With their gnarled nails

Until there’s nothing left alive.

All you are left is

A pile of splintered coal

To lock away in your heart and mourn

Without getting burnt yourself.

It isn’t even winter.

It is only the season you’ve cast with your thoughts

And its unseen winds and lightning

Prey upon your tender soul.

How She Descended Into Chaos

This is what her broken smiles and beguiling eyes hide.

Do you know what chaos is?

People say it is absolute rampage:

The brokenness of dark and light,

The ravaged remains of day and night,

When the polarity between fire and ice blurs,

When the ocean and universe merge into one,

When the sun and the moon start rising at the same time,

When chaos and nothingness become one;

That is what happens on the outside. That is what people see.

But what goes on in the unknown:

Her indecisiveness,

When she forgets time,

When her happiness becomes anxiety,

When a grey gloom overtakes dark and light,

When love becomes pain and pain becomes love,

When day and night seem the same,

When she forgets herself,

When she becomes chaos itself;

This is what happens on the inside. 

This is what her broken smiles and beguiling eyes hide.

This is how she descended into chaos.

Promised Land

It appears never ending:

The prospect of passing seconds.

You can almost feel the promise 

Of your endeavors reaching their destination.

You can hear your mind waiting for the promised land.

“Now is not the time,” you think. “There’s always later.”

That is where some went wrong.

Their passion eventually dissolved;

Dreams of fervor gradually faded

Over the hope of later.

For later is an illusion,

Only the present is the true promised land.