Those unseen winds and lightning? They have a name. Anxiety.


They choke you.

They weave around you

To the point where they become you.

Slowly they take over your conscious,

Raking, stinging, shredding it

With their gnarled nails

Until there’s nothing left alive.

All you are left is

A pile of splintered coal

To lock away in your heart and mourn

Without getting burnt yourself.

It isn’t even winter.

It is only the season you’ve cast with your thoughts

And its unseen winds and lightning

Prey upon your tender soul.

Wasteful Worries

“I threw a bottle into the ocean

Half-sunk, half-filled, it drifted away

To where the sun kissed the vast waters

And was lost in the tides of time.

O but where will the wistful waves take thee?

To places of sense or to nothingness?

There was no meaning in my vacant stare;

And my thoughts melted into the night.

I hear the hollow whistle from the horizon, suddenly

Shadows shot from behind murky corners.

Did I see blood? Was it mine?

But oh, it wasn’t even blood, just the remnants of wasteful worries.”

This is a poem I wrote with my bestfriend. It’s her birthday so I decided to share it here ❤ Happy birthday, Captain :3 Stay crazy:3 @